Autodata 3.45 Car Diagnostic Software

Autodata 3.45 Licences Last Untill You Reformat your Computer

You Can Only Use 1 Licence Per Computer, Each Machine Needs Its Own Licence but further licences are at a reduced rate of only £20

You Can Buy The Software For £30 And Self Install If You Have ADVANCED Experience or we can fully install it for you for £40

You must format windows and have a fresh copy and clean registry or conflicts can happen which affect the installation

Please Install TeamViewer (32bit) | TeamViewer (64bit) If You Require Us To Install It, Select the version of your operating system

Please Install Winrar 32bit.exe | Winrar 64bit.exe Which Is Needed For Extraction, Select the version of your operating system only

Once We Have Confirmed Payment We will Release A Link To Download The Software

Help & Support Available Please Contact Us For Further Advice

Common questions

How do I subscribe to Autodata?

Just Contact Us Here. We will need some information from you, including an email address, and you can be set up and running in minutes. We remote connect and fully install the program for you, We guarantee and run every install to check your happy before we disconnect

How many subscriptions and licences do I need?

Each Computer subscribes to one licence at a time and that service can provide access to any user who is using that computer only. The software is subject to a lifetime free subscription unless changed by us Cottingley Computers. Customers can purchase aditional licences at a reduced rate but they must own 1 full licence bought through us regardless of weather we install the software or you do a self install

Do I need to download or install anything?

You must download and install autodata to use the software. There are aditional downloads to extract the software (winrar 32bit | 64bit) & for installing the software download TeamViewer Client if you need us to help with downloading or installing the software (32bit) | (64bit)

How do I access the product?

When we set up your subscription on your machine, you will be sent a link with your download details via email or anyother way you wish to receive the software. After the software is receive follow instructions or ask for support. Once the software is installed you may start from the desktop icon and use as normal. You must have a fresh copy of windows to install the software and 'windows 7' is the best